Kurt’s Magic World Privacy Policies

Personal Information

Kurt’s Magic World will never sell your personal information for purposes of sales, marketing, or promotion.

Kurt’s Magic World does not collect data about its web site users including but not limited to: demographic information, age, race, sex, etc.

Kurt’s Magic World may add your email address to our secure database for the sole purpose of dispersal of promotional materials. You may at anytime unsubscribe from these emails by contacting Kurt’s Magic World via our contact form located on this web site.

Kurt’s Magic World may collect technical data regarding your use of this site including but not limited to: web browser type, web browser version, duration of visit, total number of pages visited, and the last page visited before you navigated away from Kurt’s Magic World.

Technical Information

Kurt’s Magic World does not use tracking cookies, spyware, malware, or contain any malicious scripts or viruses.

Kurt’s Magic World does use safe JavaScript to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Kurt’s Magic World uses PHP, a server-side scripting language, which securely protects your personal data when using our on line contact form.


Kurt’s Magic World has taken special care in designing a W3C web standards compliant and ADA compliant web site.

If you have any questions concerning the use of information submitted through our online form, please contact us via our contact form located on this web site.

Magically yours,
Kurt Brasch