Magic Lessons

Kurt’s Magic World defines itself on exceptional customer service. If you are interested in learning a specific illusion not mentioned below, Contact Us with your request and we will make every effort to customize your lesson to your needs.

Kurt’s Magic World is equipped to host your Magic Lesson at our Retail Magic Store located in Lansdale, PA.

Sleight of Hand

Includes ropes, balls, pens, rubber bands, everyday objects, misdirection and more.

Card Magic

Includes sleight of hand moves with regular playing cards, card tricks and can cover special cards too.

Coin Magic

Includes sleight of hand with regular coins including vanishes and producing from thin air. Also can cover the use of special coins.

Stage Magic

Includes techniques for larger tricks and illusions or how to get the most of smaller tricks on a stage setting.

Parlor Magic

Parlor Magic is smaller venues such as birthday parties. You can do both close up magic and stage type magic in these settings. Here you will learn how to plan a show for such an event.


Lesson Price Session
One on One $30.00 half hour
Small Group: 1-4 $60.00 half hour
Large Group: 5 and Up Contact Us for a Quote hour

*Magic lessons are offered at the magic shop.